What all things you need to look for in a Server Rack?

Your Servers, Switches, Storage, UPS etc. form the most significant components of your IT infrastructure. If you want the maximum output of your equipment you will need a well-designed server rack. There are many important parameters that must be checked before buying a Server Rack. Read more ›

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Fibre Optic Cables: The Different Types & Colour Code!

Fibre optic cable is a technology that makes use of glass or plastic fibres for transmitting data. It consists of a bundle of glass threads, where each thread is competent enough to transmit messages modulated onto light waves.

There are two types of fibre optic cables and to understand the type of application they are best used for, it is very essential to know their characteristics. The two basic types are:

1. Multimode fibre
2. Single mode fibre

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Buying the best quality VGA cables!

VGA (Video Graphic Array) or SVGA (Super VGA) cable is a very popular connection on computers and display devices for transmission of video signal between them. The VGA connection is an analog 15 pin connection but is still found in most PC based applications. Read more ›

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Fibre Optic Cables: Role in communication via internet!

The world of modern communication has experienced a new rage with the widespread use of fibre optic cables. Fibre optic cable offers the fastest way to transfer data enabling world wide web to meet growing demand for fast internet access. These cables have made methods of communication easier, faster and more effective. Read more ›

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Things to consider while buying a Server Rack

Server Racks & the growing demand

While running a business, sustaining the competition is not just the prime target but having an edge over the competitors is also equally important. Major companies in Australia and other parts of the world are now upgrading their servers with advanced hardware elements, including server racks. Read more ›

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Setting up a small server room: Points you can keep a check on.

Keeping on-site servers at your workplace is indeed a great idea, which is sure to benefit your business. However, as you take this decision, you will find there is a lot more to servers than the mere plan of setting them up. There are going to be many questions in your mind as: Where to place the server? How to store it? How to maintain the server? And so on. All these would leave you in deep confusion. Read more ›

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Various benefits of Server Racks

The server stands to be the most important element of your network. And to make sure that the server performs well and adds to the productivity of the organisation on a whole, it is very important to keep the server in a more organised way. Read more ›

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Choosing the right server racks is tricky

Finding the correct server racks demands precision as these would be holding all your equipments containing very valuable data. The most popular racks of all are wall mounted racks, half height racks and full height racks. Along with the racks there are accessories to aid in the entire setup. Read more ›

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Differences Between HDMI and Display Port

HDMI digital connection is commonly seen in TVs, A/V receivers, set top boxes, camcorders, digital cameras and gaming consoles etc. Nowadays it can be seen in smartphones as well.

With HDMI gaining supremacy, you may have been left into oblivion about the other audio video standard- Display Port. Although it doesn’t appear in latest windows pcs aimed at consumers, you will still find it alongside HDMI in some latest models, but those are aimed at business class laptop users. Read more ›

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